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We address the unmet product needs in emerging markets and act as the international trade department  for companies looking for market expansion but lack the resources. 

International Trading Services

We manage a diversified export and import portfolio comprising of a variety of products ranging from heavy industrial equipment to consumer products. 

Universal Express maintains relationships with a network of manufacturers and producers throughout the world and maintains a strong position to service its customers with the best products to match their market needs.

Our professional project teams:
  • research and monitor emerging market business environment and provide regular updates to our business partners 
  • handle licensing, shipping, customs, and all relevant export procedures and documentation
  • take responsibility of all financil obligations
  • provide technical support in preparation of quotations and address all product related issues 
  • prepare legal agreements equitable to all parties
  • develop competitive pricing strategies  
  • promptly attend to customer queries  
  • maintain a swift communication flow between the stakeholders