Our professional Project Managers
  • identify the unmet trading needs of specific market
  • researches the market and do the feasibility study
  • develop business plan
  • help in understanding all legal, financial and regulatory obligations concerning the joint venture.

Universal Express helps manufacturers in the development of joint venture strategies for attaining the optimum penetration of their products in foreign markets to maximize sales. With our extensive knowledge of North American and emerging Asian markets, we are able to identify the unmet trading needs in potential markets and suggest partnership opportunities. 

Before recommending joint venture opportunities, our team of professionals undertake detailed market research of potential markets, do the feasibility study and develop business plan to establish a solid platform for the joint venture.  

Universal Express assists in understanding and completion of all legal, financial and regulaory obligations concerning the joint venture and ensures that all relevant regulatory guidelines have been followed in completing the joint venture.

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We connect businesses from Western markets with the emerging markets. We help our clients in the Western and Emerging markets in establishing sound business relationship and support them through all steps of launching the joint venture.
Joint Ventures